RIP James Horner

Yesterday, a great film composers and a personal favorite of mine, James Horner, died tragically in a plane crash in California. Horner was flying a small plane of his, as flying was one of his hobbies, and the crash appears to have been simply an unfortunate accident.

While Horner gets a lot of flack for his constant use of his "danger motif", and for sometimes questionably borrowing material either from his own works or others, his earlier scores I think are often overlooked - scores that in my mind rival all the other great film composers - Williams, Goldsmith, Bernstien.

Most people not acquainted with film music often only know Horner for his soundtrack to Titanic which, I agree, is by far not his best work. Scores such as Star Trek II - Wrath of Kahn, Willow, and my personal favorite of Horner's, The Land Before Time (the original one, not any of the dozen-something sequels that have been made). These scores (and in particular to me The Land Before Time) are detailed, nuanced, and genius - Horner's true potential and talent shining through.

We will miss you James Horner, and I leave everyone with a piece of what I believe is his greatest work.