Seaboard Premiere with Corey Henry

An exciting new piece of musical technology? A new instrument? Or maybe a combination of both as UK based company ROLI announced the new Seaboard a few months ago. A keyboard capable of individual pitch bend on a per note basis, real glissandos, and many other effects previously inaccessible to keyboard instruments has been quite the talk lately.

My high school, CB West, learned about this instrument soon after it was announced and set about fundraising to buy one of the limited edition 88 key models (of which supposedly only 88 will be built. Dumb, I know (why would you purposefully limit your customer base?), but it is what it is. Hopefully by the time I save up 9 grand they won't be all gone). We’ve since raised enough to get the instrument and in partnership with ROLI, are hosting a “world premiere” concert centered around the Seaboard. Several pieces of new music are being commissioned specifically for this concert.

To our delight and surprise, one of the special guest artists will be none other than Cory Henry from Snarky Puppy! Many of us at my school, myself included, are avid Snarky Puppy fans and can’t wait to perform alongside such an incredibly talent musician. If you’re in the area, check out the poster below for details on the concert.