Four Irish Dances World Premiere - with Standing Ovation!


After nearly 2 years of revisions, and an enormous amount of time devoted to research, writing, and many other things, I am extremely proud to be able to present probably my most favorite work that I’ve written so far: Four Irish Dances. Here is the prologue that I wrote in the front of the score:

I’m not sure whether it’s my heritage from my mom’s side or my exposure to it while growing up, but I have long since held a fascination with Irish music and dance. Having friends and neighbors who were Irish dancers and musicians from Ireland probably contributed. It is from this that I attempted to write a piece that incorporated many of the different styles of Irish dances music - music that is authentic enough that it could have originated as folk music, yet given the treatment of a full orchestra. Also, given that the title has “dances” in it, music that one could theoretically dance to (for the most part).

All of these dances though, are interconnected in such a way that makes this one multi- faceted piece of music, rather than simply four separate smaller ones. Each movement builds on the last, and each movement contains pieces of the others.

I was very thankful to have to opportunity to perform Four Irish Dances for the first time ever with the NYU Community Orchestra during their Spring Concert. Over this past year, I have begun to take to conducting and was able to conduct the performance as well, and I learned so much in the process.

I would like to thank everyone in the NYU Community Orchestra for all of their hard work as well as everyone who has been a part of this journey.

After everything that I’ve written, this piece is still the most significant to me, in many ways my greatest work, and I hope that you enjoy it too.

Thank you

Cover art done by Liv Horan