Directed by Lars Keer


The Modes of Nature

Directed by Atharva Kharkar

My latest project comes as a collaboration with filmmaker Atharva Kharkar at the University of Michigan. This film showcases the philosophy of the 3 "Modes" of nature and how they influcance our behavior.

The Plight of Eric

NYU Tisch


This was a really fun project that I got to work on with some friends at NYU Tisch. It's an entirely audio project, with the dialogue and sound effects all recorded from scratch ( I even helped out with some of the Foley sounds). Below is a compilation of the 3 segments with music, including a movie trailer, Oompa Loompas, and descent into hell. Enjoy!

After Hours

Penn State TV Network


In the summer of 2016 I was called upon by a friend at Penn State to write new intro music for After Hours, a late night show produced by Penn State Network TV. After studying other late night themes, such as Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert, I composed this theme for the new opening they filmed.

Special thanks to Rohan Chander for the keyboard and organ solo.

An Object At Rest

5th International Film Music Competition

My second year doing the International Film Music Competition, this time with a film that had a story that I really liked, with overarching themes, and therefore helped with the writing processes a good deal. This film follows a rock through various transitions from a mountain all the way down to a grain of sand, and then back again. I created two themes/motifs in this score: one  for the rock that I change and twist around based on his transformations that he's undergone, and another for the idea of change itself; everytime he changes, is about to change, or has changed. 

I also again had the privilege of being able to record the score with whom I believe are some of the best musicians around. What you're about to hear is from the 10 minutes of music that was recorded live within one hour! I wasn't really sure what to expect given the difficulty of the music in some parts, but they were on top of it! They were also very patient when we had technical difficulties and helped setting up and breaking down. I feel very lucky to have people such caliber to support me and to call friends. It is experiences such as these that keep me motivated and inspired in film scoring. Enjoy!


NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop

In the summer of 2014, I was fortunate enough to take part in the NYU/ASCAP film scoring workshop. I met a lot of great people from all over the world and was able to learn from some of the great composers in the industry, even taking a "selfie" with Mark Snow, composer of X-files. For the workshop, we were given 6 2-minute clips to choose from and got to record our music with a small orchestra of some of New York's finest musicians. For my clip, I chose the opening titles of the movie Serenity.

Since the clip contains the Universal logo, I wanted to try and utilize the Universal theme in a different way than how one typically hears it in the opening of a movie. In fact, the entire first half of the cue is based solely on the Universal theme up to the key change.

The Control Master

4th International Film Music Competition

I had a lot of fun doing this score, although in the beginning I had trouble coming up with ideas given the, interesting nature, of the short film. I was also somewhat discouraged in thinking that I was going to have to submit a low-quality mockup exported from Sibelius, until I realized, "No I don't, I'm friends with so many musicians, why don't I get a group of people to record the score?". I was able to get about 20 people (pictured to the right) to record the score at my school auditorium. It was definitely a learning experience, but It also ended up being a lot of fun too!

The jazz parts were all recorded live.